about tx fame

TX FAME is proud to serve as the Alamo Chapter of the FAME USA initiative. FAME USA was created to build the future of the modern manufacturing industry. FAME USA has continued to scale and grow across the country with support from more than 400 partnered manufacturers.

Mirroring our Parent Program, TX FAME is an industry-led industrial maintenance technician apprenticeship program that partners with local employers and institutions within Texas. Our program uses an industry-driven collaborative recruiting and training model to increase the supply and quality of multi-skilled maintenance technicians.

Our Alamo Chapter is the pioneer for the TX FAST Program, our ten week boot camp style program. With this new and innovative program we are helping close the gap between candidates and job opportunities while helping the mission of growing the industry of manufacturing.

our history

Established in 2016, Texas Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education (TX FAME) was designed based off of a successful model out of Kentucky called the Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education or FAME.

The Texas Federation of Advanced Manufacturing Education (TX FAME) is a partnership of regional manufacturers whose purpose is to implement training to develop highly skilled talent to grow the manufacturing industry. The Alamo Chapter’s AMT program has seen 179 graduates since 2016.While The TX FAST Program, created in 2021, has since trained 77 individuals as multi-skilled technicians.

our vision

The group’s vision has evolved to be a powerful conduit between industry, education, and economic development to address workforce readiness by removing barriers, retraining, reinventing andreimagining the work.

our program matters

TX FAME’s is dedicated to providing training services to upskill individuals to become skilled maintenance technicians. TX FAME offers multiple programs that can fit the needs of every potential student. While the companies we have partnered with are not only able to provide a space for instruction but also have been able to hire our talented technicians once they finish the program. TX FAME is creating a multi beneficial space within Texas to help elevate our citizens and the thriving companies within the state.

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