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The TX FAME Alamo Chapter is a consortium of local employers that provide opportunities for industrial maintenance apprenticeships that often transform into career placements. Employee sponsors commit to providing valuable work experience, including a livable wage, hands-on instruction, and set schedules to accommodate machine maintenance technician training.

FAME companies collaborate on developing a skilled workforce and also benchmark successful strategies off of one another. By working with local machine maintenance technician training providers, TX FAME Alamo Chapter companies are able to grow their own talent through our pipeline of development strategies.

The Benefits of Becoming a TX FAME Alamo Chapter Employer

By becoming part of the TX FAME Alamo Chapter network, your company can benefit from an established platform for recruiting and training individuals into advanced manufacturing careers!

Company sponsors can choose to upskill incumbents and/or sponsor external candidates with the aptitude to enter this career field. In order to identify external candidates, all TX FAME Alamo Chapter employers engage in a backyard recruiting strategy with schools and community organizations. Employers can have the opportunity to hire trainees into full-time positions upon completion of a training program.

All employee sponsors serve on the TX FAME Alamo Chapter Board and attend meetings held throughout the year. Allowing you to join us in innovating new strategies to fill the local workforce pipeline.

The training programs offered through the TX FAME Alamo chapter are key to Toyotetsu's growth and success. The technical skills and professional behaviors taught through these programs develop world-class, entry-level, global best talent needed to fill critical roles within our company. In addition, the collaborative and innovative partnerships with other leading manufacturers, educational institutions, and community-based organizations in our region have supported talent pipeline development initiatives to meet our growing workforce needs. I consider the FAME model and associated programs and partnerships to be one of the main factors in Toyotetsu's ability to create a work environment and culture that allows us to attract and retain our talent.
Leslie Cantu
TX FAME Alamo Chapter Board President,
Assistance Vice President of Administration, Toyotetsu Texas

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