Texas Fame Accelerated Skills Training (FAST)

The FAST program allows individuals to undergo a ten-week boot-camp style training for an entry-level, multi-skilled maintenance technician career. Upon the completion of the training, individuals will undergo a six-week experiential learning opportunity with a local manufacturing company.

Hands On Maintenance Technical Training

Scientific Management Techniques’ (SMT) Manufacturing/Technical Skills Training Curriculum is a hands-on competency-based manufacturing technician training program. The 100% demand-driven program trains the specific skills required to operate, maintain, and troubleshoot a manufacturing facility.

This maintenance technician training program incorporates the use of over 200 training aids that replicate real-world conditions in a manufacturing facility. The program teaches the theory then directly applies the theory in an engaging training lab environment. The ratio of time spent on theory/hands on application is approximately 30% theory and 70% hands-on application in the training lab.

Scientific Management Techniques, Inc. (SMT)

This program utilizes the Scientific Management Techniques, Inc. (SMT) technical training curriculum based on the demand and skills TX FAME Alamo Chapter employers have identified for this role. Individuals from select population streams go through a mechanical skills assessment and are evaluated based primarily on their aptitude, rather than educational attainment or previous work experience.


There are no educational requirements to apply; no high school diploma or GED required.  No experience requirements. You must pass a math assessment, a mechanical assessment, and an electrical assessment. Classes are free but attendance Monday – Friday from 8 AM-Noon is required throughout the 10-weeks. Applicants must be ready to work and able to pass a drug test and background check. Justice Individuals are encouraged and welcomed to apply.

Coming to TX FAME actually turned from a job to a career in the field of manufacturing. It’s fast-paced, it’s never boring, it’s constantly on the go. You’re a part of actually building something, you’re not just a cog in the wheel, you’re actually what’s making the wheels and things turn, and that’s the awesome part.
Gabriel Silva
TX FAME graduate

Wraparound Services For Participants

Bexar County Economic and Community Development’s Workforce Team provides wraparound services that will be provided to ensure each individual’s success in the program. The goal of wraparound services is to address needs an individual may have that could hinder their chances of completing the technical training program and gain employment.

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